DeCoste, Catherine Mary “Kaye”


In loving memory of Kaye DeCoste: One year since being reunited with her Heavenly family and friends September 10, 2019. The loved ones of Katherine (Kaye) DeCoste (Curnew) would like to send a huge thank you to ALL staff members at St. Martha’s Hospital and EHS who’ve cared for Kaye over the years, but especially the summer of 2019. The kindness and comfort she received was amazing. She knew most of the workers throughout the hospital by name and considered you her friends as well as caregivers. You laughed with her on good days and held her hand on bad. Kaye also made friends with her many roommates and shared snacks, chats, and laughs with them. To all who called and visited her in hospital, she appreciated knowing you cared. To sisters-in-law, Carol and Maureen, who came with coffee and news from the outside world (every night save a few), your presence was comforting to us. We’d like to thank Dr. Elizabeth Cooper, Dr. Sean Amos, Dr. Jane Howard, Dr. Phillip Cooper and the palliative team and floor, and long-time family Drs. Brian Steeves and John Hickey. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ali Kahlid, who helped Kaye, (and us) through her final weeks. Your compassion and kindness is a blessing to anyone lucky enough to have your care. You made a hard journey a little bit easier. While she was at home, many thanks to the kind woman who provided in-home upkeep of oxygen equipment, and the pharmacists at P.H. Shoppers. Heartfelt thanks to the late John Green, (at Kaye’s request) who joined us at St. Martha’s shortly after Kaye passed and guided us through the preparations for such a lovely send off. We thank all who attended the visitation, service, and luncheon, those who gave for masses and donations and those that tended to the collection of these; the music providers, Ty Wallace and good friend Gary Brow (both at Kaye’s request) and the Havre Boucher choir; the altar servers; readers Cheyenne and Jillian; Kaye’s chosen Pall Bearers; all who provided the lovely luncheon; Clem Munroe and Howard Sampson for preparing the resting spot she’d chosen; and finally to Father MacPhie, who visited Kaye regularly and gave her her final blessings. She was calmed and comforted by your chats. God bless you all for all you did, and do, to help us through. Forever grateful!!! We miss you, “constable” Curnew! P.S. To the wonderful funeral attendee who forgot their phone ringer on: it was PERFECT, as anyone who spent time with Kaye will understand. It brought a chuckle to many of us, as her phone ringing disrupted many events. That was her, saying “I’m here with you”!!