Developer will continue seniors’ housing plan outside Richmond County

I would like to thank all the seniors’ groups in Richmond County for their support over the last two years in trying to get affordable housing for seniors in Richmond County. I would like to thank Claire Doyle, Celeste Gotell and Claire Marchand for fighting for the seniors who need this housing.

When the late Father Greg MacLeod knew he was dying, he set up a company with a vision of building as many apartments as possible in rural Cape Breton for seniors on fixed income, as he knew that the need was there. The man went through two rounds of chemo and still worked on this vision to help seniors in rural Cape Breton.

DanMac Apartments Limited had a goal of building 24-30 units in Arichat; 12 in Louisdale; 18 in St. Peter’s; 12-18 in Lower River; and 24-48 in Port Hawkesbury.

We were approved for eight units last year and about to be approved for six more units this year with the help of former MLA Michel Samson. We needed the rezoning of my land for construction to start.

Richmond Warden Brian Marchand and councillors Gilbert Boucher and Alvin Martell all voted against the rezoning, thus the project itself. They don’t seem to see that there is a problem even when every politician in Nova Scotia said there is a need during the recent election.

We are gone from Richmond County for now. If the people of Richmond County want these affordable apartment units they must fight for it. I have fought too darn hard and spent too much money for the last two years. It’s up to you, the people of Richmond, now.

My company will start building in Port Hawkesbury. We might be back in four to five years if things change. DanMac Apartments will go and develop as many affordable apartments for seniors in rural Cape Breton in other areas first.

Father Daniel Doucet and I will accomplish the vision of a dying man. The sad part about this is I have to leave my Richmond County to do it.

Thai Luong


DanMac Apartments Limited