Do Atlantic Liberal MPs still stand with Justin Trudeau?

Over the last few weeks, Prime Minister Trudeau has been credibly accused by his own Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, of politically interfering in the criminal prosecution of a well-connected engineering firm.

It’s now beyond dispute that he and his office bullied and threatened Ms. Wilson-Raybould in an attempt to get her to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook.

This issue strikes at the very heart of our democracy. The rule of law is our oldest constitutional principle. There cannot be one set of special rules for Liberals and their friends and another set of rules for everyone else. That flies in the face of everything Canadians believe and have fought so hard for.

Since this affair became public, two senior Liberal cabinet ministers have resigned, as has the Prime Minister’s closest political advisor. The House of Commons Justice Committee is investigating. And five former Attorneys General have said the RCMP should consider criminal charges. Instead of running the country, Justin Trudeau is focused on damage control.

Canadians deserve a government focused on their priorities, not one focused on covering for the Prime Minister. Every Atlantic Liberal MP owes their constituents an explanation.

Rob Moore

Conservative Shadow Minister

for Atlantic Canada