Equalization payments misused

Are Canadians being intentionally misled and being kept uninformed by their governments?

For example, are the equalization transfers and the healthcare transfers being manipulated by governments for future outcomes that are not in the best interest of Canadians? Why are the Canadian federal and provincial governments struggling to properly fund the healthcare system?

Federal equalization transfers – despite having been enshrined in our Constitution since 1982, with a specific legal commitment as part of the supreme law of this country – continue to be federally transferred to the provinces where these funds are put into general revenues to be manipulated by the provincial government for its political agenda.

The equalization program has generated national attention recently by the Alberta and Saskatchewan governments. It seems they are trying to politically manipulate their provincial economic problems so that it looks as though the federal government is being unfair to them regarding the equalization program.

A read of the following comment will help you understand how provincial governments are not being totally truthful about this federal program. It can be found at: http://www.formac.ca/starrspoint/2018/12/18/the-equalization-history-that-jason-kenney-likes-to-forget/.

Past attempts to have the courts enforce this law as written in the 1982 Constitution Act were simply dismissed by the guardians appointed by the government as a matter that is beyond the legal enforcement authority of this country’s citizens. There apparently is no recourse for people to hold their government accountable for this law. Doesn’t this seem a rather bizarre decision from the top legal institution responsible for upholding our Constitution? What has happened to the policy of being governed by the rule of law, so often claimed by our re-elected prime minister as his response to questions about the federal Liberal government’s political interference with the legal process involving the SNC-Lavalin affair?

The extensive growth of offshore tax havens is presented in this well researched comment by Joyce Nelson in the Watershed Sentinel from January 18, 2018. She explains the federal government’s dishonesty in dealing with tax havens through changing of Canadian Income Tax Regulations, section 5907 subsection (11).

The problems being encountered in our healthcare system have generated much discussion. However, our politicians have remained silent about the intentional downsizing of the funding, particularly the federal percentage footprint, which is substantially decreased from the former 50 per cent-50 per cent support program and policy.

So, isn’t our healthcare problem really a result of every government over the past four decades being in a race to lower taxes, producing current economic inequality and a whopping growth in tax havens used by wealthy Canadians and corporations to avoid paying taxes that were paid in the past?

That being so, our public healthcare system is, not surprisingly, now on life-support funding. Its future is before the court in British Columbia. The judicial ruling on the public healthcare system’s future will be coming soon in BC. Will the government court appointees accommodate the federal government’s health care policy that is all too clear, which is evident from its downsizing of its funding footprint well below the former 50 per cent?

An added concern for Canadians supporting public health care is that a Canadian registered charity – Canadian Constitution Foundation (https://theccf.ca/) – is rising funding through tax receipts to donors for a health care “businessman,” Dr. Brian Day, who is the public face of this court challenge to universal health care. The other important fact is this CCF charity is also registered as a charity in the United States, from which funding is also being received.

Linda McQuaig reports this challenge is already very well-financed, with over $5 million in funding. Her report can be viewed at: https://watershedsentinel.ca/articles/tax-havens-other-paris-agreement/.

So, what is the federal government’s real intent for Canadians’ public health care system? Is the federal government, which now is revenue challenged and politically opposed to increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations, going to allow this for-profit doctor, with his wealthy Canadian and US financing to use our courts to rule the end of public healthcare in Canada?

Charles W. Sampson

Sydney Forks