Former town councillor defeats former mayor

MULGRAVE: With a newly elected mayor and two new female faces, things will be different around the council table.

Ron Chisholm, who was a current town councillor, received 232 votes and defeated former mayor Lorne MacDonald who received 111 votes in Saturday’s election, which was the only contested race in the town.

Lorne MacDonald (right)

Four councillors were acclaimed, incumbents Bob Russell and Tanya Snow, along with newcomers Crystal Durling and Krista Luddington.

“As a new councillor, I am excited to work with everyone; male or female,” Durling told The Reporter. “I think having a predominantly female council is a reflection of the time we are living in and a wonderful example of role modeling for the youth in our community.”

Durling, who is a teacher’s assistant with the Strait regional centre for education, describes herself as a very task-oriented person and is someone who is familiar with working as a team-player to reach goals.

“I feel these two traits will serve me well over the next four years as I represent the residents of the Town of Mulgrave,” she said. “I realize there will be lots to learn over the next few months and look forward to the challenge.”

As an advertising consultant for 101.5 The Hawk, Luddington told The Reporter she is also looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m excited to come together around the council table with Tanya, Bob, Ron, and Darlene, our CAO, who all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the mix,” she said, “And really looking forward to working with Crystal who is a newcomer like myself, with a new perspective and fresh ideas.”

For Luddington, she understands the importance of transparency and collaboration and sees herself as a team player and a forward thinker who is thrilled to work with like-minded people who all bring a positive energy to the team.

Luddington and Durling will join Snow to create a council consisting of three women.

“I couldn’t be more proud to serve on a council that is equally represented by both men and women,” Luddington said. “I’ve got three little girls at home and I love the fact that they are growing up in a place where they can see themselves reflected in the leadership around them, that’s a very positive shift.”

Thanking outgoing mayor, Ralph Hadley, for his time spent both around the council table and his volunteer work over the years, she said she is energized to continue the good work council has done and move forward in the best interest of residents.

Ralph Hadley