Full service gasoline pumps needed

Consumers – starting with the young, elderly and the handicapped population – are feeling the pinch at the gas pumps.

The high price of gasoline, along with the closing of full service gas bars at some of today’s establishments, is hindering the customers’ rights to receive full service at gas pumps.

The loss of hours and loss of jobs may occur when an employer closes any full service gas bar and converts it into a self-service gas bar. Not only will the employees lose, but the employer may lose if some consumers decide to do their business elsewhere.

I, for one, do prefer to be served by a person at a full-service gas bar, than filling my own fuel tank at a self-serve gas bar. Over the years, I have met many nice, friendly, smiling faces while they were serving my gasoline needs. Face-to-face contact, followed by a short chat is uplifting and makes for a pleasant moment for the employee and the customer.

I will drive the extra miles out of my way to receive my gasoline fill-up at a full service location to help keep a job from being lost and to interact with a short chat and a “have a good day,” followed by, “I will see you again,” good bye wave.

One or two full service gas bars should become mandatory in every province across Canada today. The employer of these establishments may be in need of these important full service gas bars while meeting the needs of the travelling public.

Please think and make this change happen, for we the people are their customers and also their income providers. Without the consumer, there is no business.

Clarence Landry