I wrote about this before but I missed music.

Up until recently the only music I had in my life was provided by my broken iPod (my headphone jack doesn’t work so it’s car-only) and YouTube when I couldn’t find what I was looking for on iTunes.

I’ve since tried harder to find a music service that works for me, and well, mission accomplished. I don’t want to say what service I use as that’s free advertising and that’s not my game. I will however say it’s perfect for what I want and despite not having all of the music I’d like it’s the closest I’ve seen to a complete library.

Anyway, if you see me bouncing along to music in the grocery store (which has become somewhat of a hobby of mine) please, as per usual, leave me be. I’m just doing my own thing and I am perfectly happy not engaging in conversation, be it general greetings or otherwise.

Now that’s out of the way, what is wrong with people?

From the conservatives accusing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors as being paid actors, to the people making fun of Justin Trudeau for his clothing, to people mad about a change to the national anthem, to the people mad at the people who are mad about the national anthem, and to the NRA in general, my Facebook feed has become a steady stream of humanity at its worst. I occasionally joke about wanting to write stories about kittens and puppies after covering something horrible like a murder but now my social media makes me want to do the same thing and I won’t have it.

Henceforth, I am doing away with the negativity. I just don’t care about this nonsense. Seeing as how I am at least marginally okay at my job, I’m able to keep myself abreast of the overall goings-on in the world without ever having to hear about why someone is a snowflake, or how all school shootings are part of a conspiracy to get rid of guns. Please, while I may like you enough to add as a social media “friend,” I really don’t want to see your reposting of a repost about… well… anything. I will never sign a petition nor will I even speak on behalf of anyone else’s political beliefs other than to say “that’s their bag.”

Everyone is allowed to have and voice their opinions, you might say. That’s fine, I say, I don’t have to listen though and really… opinions really aren’t what they used to be. If people wanted the opinions of others in the past, they usually had to ask. Now, there is barely a hello out of some people’s mouths before they start going off on something. It’s just a part of our culture now.

I didn’t think positivity would be as… un-mellow as this. I just assumed you’d want to be positive and then it would just happen. Nope. Apparently, like pretty much everything good in life, you have to earn it. You have to do things like block negative people and work to maintain as even a keel as possible, particularly when there is no reason to be positive.

I apologize if this comes off as little more than whiny self-actualization. I’m just seeing too much lunacy on-line and I don’t want to face it anymore. Consider yourself warned. If you read this and thought “wow, he means me,” I probably do mean you and now you’ll know why I’ve “disappeared” from whatever medium we used to connect.

I’m done now.