Heatherton leads AGR

ANTIGONISH-GUYSBOROUGH: The Heatherton Warriors continue to sit atop the Antigonish-Guysborough Rural Fastpitch League with a record of 7-3.

Not far behind them are the Pomquet Acadians (4-2), the Guysborough Broadhorns (1-1), the St. Joseph’s Chiefs (0-3), and the St. Anderw’s Flyers (0-3).

On Tuesday of last week, the Warriors dropped the Chiefs 7-0.

Warrior Paul Purcell had three Ks in the winning effort, and Craig MacDonald pitched in the loss.

Top hitters for Heatherton included Adam Anderson with two singles and two RBIs; Josh Wood, two singles and two RBIs; Jackie MacDonald, a triple and RBI; and Alex Chisholm, a double.

Top hitters for the Chiefs were Mitchell Bowman, a double; and Craig MacDonald and Logan Deyoung, each with a single.

On Wednesday of last week, the Warriors beat the Acadians 5-1.

Anderson was the winning pitcher, throwing seven strikeouts. He also led hitting with two singles, a double, and an RBI. Trent Deyoung had a double and an RBI.

Pomquet’s Donnelly Archibald also had seven Ks, in the losing effort. Mike Deon had a solo homer and a RBI.

Last Friday night, the Acadians scored two wins over the Flyers. The first was 13-2, and the second was 12-4.

In the first game, Richie Connors threw seven strikeouts for the win. Kory Tate took the loss. Top hitters for Pomquet were James Williams (homerun) and Ryan King (single and double). For St. Andrew’s, Andrew MacIssac had a homerun.

In game two, Richie Connors took the win once again, throwing six Ks, and Lawrence MacPherson threw seven Ks in the losing effort.

The top hitters for Pomquet were Brian Gilfoy (two-run homer and a double), Mike Deon (two-run homer), and Blair VanOirschot (solo homer). For St. Andrew’s Andrew MacIssac had a homerun.