Following the opening of the Hip to be Square exhibit by Melinda MacDonald, attendees were invited into the J. Franklin Wright gallery to view her artistry.
Photos by Mary Hankey
“Sunday Bouquet” on wood by Melinda MacDonald was done using cold wax and oil. She will sometimes add texture to her art by using household items, including garlic bulb and onion bags.
Surrounded by epic views of the sea, sky and fields around her home in Creignish, this natural inspiration is evident in Melinda MacDonald’s paintings. “Distant Sails” is a 16-inch by 16-inch acrylic on wood.
Melinda MacDonald’s exhibit, “Hip to be Square,” opened at the J. Franklin Wright Gallery in Port Hawkesbury. Her vibrant oil, acrylic and cold wax paintings capture the energy and beauty of her surroundings.
Using one of her favourite methods with cold wax and oil, Melinda MacDonald’s Contentment showcases the inspiration of nature.
In addition to her larger works, Melinda MacDonald also paints mini acrylics on canvas. The “Hip to be Square” exhibit will be at the J. Franklin Wright gallery until the second week in May.