PORT HOOD: Inverness County has given its endorsement for a solar power project in the municipality.

During the May 5 regular monthly meeting in Port Hood, Inverness Municipal Council decided to send a letter of support to Horton Solar Inc. for their plans for the Lake Horton area.

Horton Solar said it is proposing the development of an up to 100 megawatt AC Solar Photovoltaic ground mount project. Currently the project is pursuing a Power Purchase Agreement with Nova Scotia Power Incorporated via the Nova Scotia Rate Base Procurement RFP that will close this month 2022, they noted.

Once complete, the project will produce enough energy to power over 19,000 homes annually, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company stated.

Although he does back the project, District 4 Councillor John MacLennan had council agree for a request to receive more information from the company about the project.

“I don’t know what height they’re going to have it, if it’s going to be fenced in. You got to look at the fact there’s going to be animals going through the area, and if you’re going to have animals going through, they’re going to be out on the Trans Canada going around; they’ll find a place to go around,” he added.