Inverness County roads in ‘desperate’ condition

It is with great concern I write this letter to bring attention to the deplorable road conditions in Inverness County, south of Mabou. Despite repeated complaints, we are not being heard!

The road in Valley Mills, from the Crowdis double bridge, heading toward Orangedale, can only be described as not fit for travel and dangerous. The dirt road in Valley Mills, heading west toward Marble Mountain, is also in desperate condition repeatedly washing out and is being ignored. The Marble Mountain\Lime Hill road has an 18 kilometer stretch that is very dangerous on high banks that we fear will result in serious injury or death. Is that what it takes to get action?

We were told last June by our MLA Allan MacMaster that the budget for road repair has been doubled, yet we still can’t get an answer if our roads are even on the docket to be addressed. Members of our communities are repeatedly registering complaints that are going on deaf ears.

Why are our government officials not listening to our cries for help? Community resident have even circled pot holes trying to draw attention to unsuspecting drivers.

Our vehicles in this province are required to be road worthy, and it’s high time that our roads are held to the same standard of being drive worthy.

We need answers and we need action.

Shirley MacLean