On November 5, staff and residents of L’Arche Cape Breton in Iron Mines held an anti-littering rally along Orangedale Road.

IRON MINES: L’Arche Cape Breton wants roadside littering to stop.

On November 5, staff and residents of the Inverness County facility attended a “peaceful, anti-littering rally” along Orangedale Road.

L’Arche outreach committee chair Damien Chauveau told The Reporter that residents regularly walk the road and everyone has noticed the amount of garbage at the roadsides.

“We often bring trash bags to get it and clean the road, but it always comes back again and again,” he said. “There was always a lot. Lots of Tim’s [Hortons], lots of McDonald’s, lots of plastic bottles, or beer cans. And it’s always there. We can pick them up, and a week after, it’s full again.”

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This is one of two signs posted at both ends of the Orangedale Road encouraging motorists to not throw waste from their vehicles.

To help decrease the amount of litter along the road, in addition to doing their own small clean-ups, Chauveau said L’Arche has erected two signs along Orangedale Road asking that people not litter.

Chauveau said L’Arche decided to raise public awareness by holding the anti-litter rally earlier this month which was attended by about 15 L’Arche community members.

“Because of COVID, it was a community event,” he reported. “We could not recommend more people to join and we’re under a lot of public health restrictions now so only community members could join.”

Those at the peaceful rally on November 5 wanted to promote a positive message to the community.

Because the road is used by the same people, Chauveau hopes their efforts to get the word out have been successful.

“We just wanted to people to see that we care about our road and we want things to change,” Chauveau said. “We don’t know if we’re going to change something if we have signs but we know that if we don’t do anything, nothing is going to change.

“People don’t do that because they want to do it on purpose or because they want to make a mess of the environment.”

L’Arche community members carried signs to spread their message about reducing the amount of litter along the Orangedale Road.

In addition to the signs, Chauveau said they will continue to clean the roadsides, and monitor the situation. He added that large companies are also responsible for their waste.

“Maybe we need to have more garbage cans around those places or encourage people to use reusable cups. I think those companies have a role to play in this.”

This is one of the L’Arche Cape Breton community members who came out to raise awareness about the amount of litter on the roadsides where they walk regularly.
About 15 community members of L’Arche Cape Breton came out to raise awareness of the amount of roadside waste in their area.