Livingston takes Cabot Links to court

PORT HAWKESBURY: A court case involving a local resident and a golf resort is going before a judge this week.

The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia case involving Neal Livingston and Cabot Links Enterprises is set to run from April 17 to 20 with April 23 set aside if needed, at the Port Hawkesbury Justice Centre.

Livingston is asking the court for three items. The first is for “a declaration the Inverness Beach Park has been dedicated for public use and accepted by the public for that use,” stated Livingston in an e-mail. The second is “a declaration that Cabot Links’ restriction of the public use of the Inverness Beach Park is impermissible.” The third is “an injunction preventing any further restrictions of the public use of the Inverness Beach Park.”

Livingston previously appeared before Inverness Municipal Council asking members to take action regarding a beach access path Cabot Links agreed to provide.

“The county should take action to take provide that beach access through expropriation or whatever other action you want,” Livingston said to council.

Inverness Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie told Livingston at the time that council was dealing with the path issue, adding there were a number of groups working on the matter.