Looking back over the decades, and indeed, centuries, it is amazing to observe the numerous family names that once were common in this area.

One of those names that no longer holds a place here is Haskell. Robert Haskell was a seagoing Newfoundlander who married Bertha LeBlanc, a native of West Arichat, the daughter of Peter and Isabelle LeBlanc. At the time, he was in command of yachts in Massachusetts while Bertha worked as a hair stylist there. They were married on June 12, 1931.

Upon his retirement from a life at sea, Robert and Bertha settled at Bosdet’s Point, West Arichat. Robert died there in 1971, aged 83 years. Besides his wife he was survived by a son, George, in Ontario, and a daughter in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Another name which has disappeared over time is Harding. John Harding married Margaret Oliver on October 2, 1848 at St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat. Four years later on May 25, 1852, a boy, James David Harding, was born to John and Margaret.

On February 3, 1892 James David married Julie Bourque, the daughter of Edward Bourque and Palmire McDonald at D’Escousse. Julie and James David were the parents of 11 children. James was born August 28, 1892. He married twice, first to a Langlois lady and later to Emma V. Bonin on June 25, 1888. Another entry shows a marriage between James and Minnie Emma Samson on September 17, 1940.

Thomas Henry was born on October 6, 1894 and lived only 15 days. Wilfred Henry born 1896, died at age two on April 10, 1898.

Walter James was born August 29, 1897. He married Evangeline Gould (widow of James Gould). From this union, there was a daughter, Mary Mildred, born August 13, 1921. Later Walter James wed Marie Evangeline Fougere.

They had four children: James Willard Earl born October 31, 1929; Anne Anastasie born September 25, 1924; and Marie Helen Alice who married Frank Oglishere on July 12, 1952. Mary Helen Alice was born in 1927 and Edward Anthony (known as Tony) was born September 5, 1922 in D’Escousse.

He died in Wilmington, Massachusetts on February 1, 2002 at the age of 79. Although he spent most of his life in Wilmington, he owned a home in Poulamon where he passed his summers. He was married to Marie L. Fougere and they had one child, a daughter, Dale and two grandchildren, Amanda and Patrick. He was a nephew to Willard Fougere and Evelyn Poirier, both of Poulamon, and brother-in-law to Viola Gould, also of Poulamon.

Leonard Henri was born on November 3, 1900. On October 11, 1902 twins Alexandre Ambrose and Marie Anastasie were born. The latter died aged four on November 16, 1906.

Edward Napoleon was born on October 16, 1906. Joseph Gustave was born on October 18, 1910 but lived for only 10 months. Albine Wilfred was born on October 28, 1912. Robert lived to the age of 40.

Hamilton was a surname was predominant in the area. John Hamilton and M. Marsh had a son Lloyd John Hamilton. On March 29, 1974 in West Arichat he married Donna M. George, daughter of Clarence M. George and D. LeBlanc. Lloyd John and Donna had a son Preston John.

Another Hamilton, Dora, married Hugh Boudreau in 1966. He was born in 1940. A daughter, Cindy Noel was born to Dora and Hugh in 1969.