Lost surnames

Pictured are former Isle Madame residents making hay in the late summer.

Looking back over the decades, and indeed centuries, it is amazing to observe the numerous family names that once were common in this area. One of those names that no longer holds a place here is Muise.

Oliver Muise and Marie Arsenault had a son, Patrick, who was wed to Martha Boudreau on January 18, 1881 in D’Escousse. Their children were Alexander, who died at the age of two years on May 30, 1886. Two years later, another son named Alexander died on October 20, 1888 also at D’Escousse. Patrick Muise died at age 58 on May 23, 1922.

A third son, Francis, lived to adulthood and married Alice Maude Boudreau on February 15, 1918 at D’Escousse. She was the daughter of Clifford and Alice Boudreau.

Simon Pierre Muise was born on June 14, 1894. He married Marie Mouel and they had a son, John Arthur Muise born on September 19, 1892.

Francis Joseph Muise married Jeannette May Leola Landry on November 27, 1952 at East Boston. She was 22 years of age at the time of her wedding. The children were: Irene May, she married Robert Pendergrast, on November 21, 1975; John Francis married Barbara Viscione on October 7, 1978; Robert Francis married Jacqueline Simon; Thomas married Susan Thibault; and the final child was Timothy Francis.

Edward Muise married Elizabeth Malouson. Their son, Joseph L. Huile, married Minnie Burke on January 31, 1907 at Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Mrs. John Muise (Martell) died on February 17, 1907 in Halifax. She was born in Rockdale, Richmond County.

Another name lost to time is that of Miller. William Miller P.C. K.C. was born in 1867. He married Anne Hearn at St. Patrick’s Church. He died on February 23, 1912. He was 45 years old and was buried in Ottawa.

Esther Jane Miller was born in 1881and she died in 1963 at the age of 82.

Leon Miller was born in 1874. On May 9, 1960 at Ste. Anne’s Hospital in Arichat, he died at the age of 86.

Charles Miller was born on June 24, 1883. He was married to Priscilla Poirier at D’Escousse. She was born August 8, 1894 the daughter of C.J. Poirier and Jeanne Josse. She died in 1937. A daughter, Phoebe Marie, was born to Charles and Priscilla. Charles Miller died October 1, 1937 at D’Escousse.

The record of Catherine Miller is somewhat unclear, but it would seem that she married twice, once at Montreal and once at St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat. It would appear that a child, Joseph, was born on August 25, 1872 to Catherine Miller and Joseph Bissee. Another date associated with Catherine Miller is October 25, 1920 and another name, possibly a husband’s, is Charles O. Murais.

Mary Miller was born in 1907 and died in 1932 at the age of 25.

Lana Miller was married on June 21, 1971 at Petit de Grat to Roy Carl Boudreau. He was born on November 7, 1949 at Petit de Grat, the son of Stanley Boudreau and M. Martell.