McCarron, Stewart return as warden, deputy warden in Antigonish County

The new council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish had their official swearing-in ceremony on November 2.

ANTIGONISH: The warden for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish will return to direct council for another four-year term.

District 6 councillor Owen McCarron, was acclaimed in his district in the October municipal election. During a special meeting and swearing-in ceremony on November 2, McCarron was nominated and acclaimed as warden. He has served as the municipality’s warden since 2017.

“I took over partially through the last term, after the untimely passing of Russell Boucher, our former warden,” McCarron told reporters following the meeting. “So I was three-years as warden, so this will be my first official four-year term.”

McCarron said he’s eager to hit the ground running with his newly sworn-in council.

“It’s always rewarding to know that council has the confidence in me to represent them as warden, and I look forward to the next four-years for sure,” he said. “I think the big thing is for council to sit down and look at our strategic priorities – we have new councillors around the table, we need to hear from them, what they’ve heard on the campaign trail [but then] set our priorities for the county.”

Two new faces are now sitting at the council table; Shawn Brophy who received 276 votes, defeated incumbent Vaughan Chisholm by only eight votes in district 4 (Fringe Area West) will also be joined by Harris McNamara, who defeated incumbent Neil Corbett and Carol MacEachern after receiving 442 votes – 67 per cent of the total votes cast in district 9 (Linwood/Havre Boucher/Aulds Cove).

Owen McCarron

“I think they’re going to add a nice dynamic to our council as well,” McCarron said. “Obviously in this world, you’re always expecting change around your table and we’re certainly looking forward to working with the two new councillors.”

He suggested despite being political newcomers, the duo will have time to become adjusted and familiar with their new surroundings.

“I encourage people to ask lots of questions – staff will certainly be supporting them, and council will be supporting them as well,” McCarron said. “Just finding out from those councillors what some of the concerns were that they’ve heard – and some of the initiatives that they’d like to see happen in their respective districts.”

Hughie Stewart

In nominations for the municipality’s deputy warden, Hughie Stewart returns to the position after being acclaimed as well.