Meeting to examine town’s cycling options

PORT HAWKESBURY: A public meeting will discuss plans to create more cycling options in the town.

This winter, Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) will be working with the Town of Port Hawkesbury to look at the future of mobility in Port Hawkesbury.

To provide the most functional design for the town, BNS wants residents of Port Hawkesbury to have their say in the development of a plan for a network of bicycle-friendly routes.

With the assistance of Bicycle Nova Scotia, the Town of Port Hawkesbury will be able to study neighbourhood bikeways options through the lens of all ages and abilities, and make informed decisions for the planning of these connectors. This informed planning will help to guide the town with the creation of a bicycle network that will strengthen community connections and support sustainable transportation for a broad range of users.

For years, transportation design has placed motor vehicles at the top of the transportation hierarchy, giving less consideration to pedestrians and cyclists. BNS is working to ensure that cycling is given greater consideration during the design process. They want to work with businesses and residents in Port Hawkesbury to determine where and what types of bicycle infrastructure might help entice people to utilize bicycles more often. With COVID-19 causing a strain on bicycle availability and the projected 50 per cent increase in ebikes by 2023, now is an ideal time to review the infrastructure and start making a plan for safer streets in Port Hawkesbury that can give people the confidence to use their bikes for everyday journeys.

The first opportunity will take place September 23 from 6-7:30 p.m., at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Center. BNS wants to learn where key destinations are within the area, what form of transportation residents like to use, and what could help encourage residents of Port Hawkesbury to use their cars and trucks less to get around town.

This event will be adhering to COVID-19 precautions, therefore, social distancing will be in effect.

For those who cannot make it out or would prefer to participate remotely, can fill out a survey on-line at:, or contact Neill Spencer directly by phone, (902) 425-5454 (ext. 229), or by e-mail:

Bicycle Nova Scotia represents recreational, commuter and competitive cyclists and is working toward increasing ridership throughout the province. It’s main focus for the past several years has been the implementation of safe cycling infrastructure through the Blue Route Cycling Network, a network with over 3,000 kilometres of connected cycling infrastructure; as well as advancing the fulfillment of municipal Active Transportation (AT) plans. The Blue Route enables Nova Scotians to explore key destinations around the province and promotes both an improved sense of community and a strong local economy.