Melford team soon to be in place

HALIFAX: A local container terminal project is close to signing its engineering team.

Mike Uberoi, Chief Executive Officer for the Melford Atlantic Gateway, said the company planned to select a team of engineers by the end of day, April 10. He said the team will put together the final drawings for a bid package for construction.

“Then it will be a negotiation in getting that contract in place but within weeks we’ll have a team together,” said Uberoi. “It will be a combination of a number of firms because what we found is there isn’t one firm that has all the areas of expertise that we need. The firms have come in as a team. We’re actually hiring a team of firms, and that’s why it’s taken so long.”

Uberoi called setting up an engineering team a big step for the overall project, and it comes with a significant price tag, which Uberoi said he’d prefer not to discuss at this time.

“From a business perspective, things are good,” he said. “We’re progressing along.”

In June of 2016, Melford International Terminal and Cyrus Capital Partners, the majority owner of MIT, announced a joint venture and investment with SSA Marine in the newly dubbed Melford Atlantic Gateway, a 172-acre container terminal, with 250 acres of logistics park lands with the ability to expand in the future, and the corridor necessary to build 32 kilometers of rail spur to connect with the existing rail line.