MULGRAVE: The Mayor of the Town of Mulgrave says they will look at ways to resolve complaints regarding animals in a residential part of the town.

Residents have rasied concerns with town officials that fowl, such as chicken, geese and roosters in the Pirate Harbour area, have been causing a disturbance day and night, and there’s an unpleasant smell due to animal waste.

Community members representing both sides addressed councillors during September’s regular town council meeting last Tuesday night.

Mulgrave mayor Ralph Hadley said the smell had been rectified and the geese have been removed but the town is still trying to come to an agreement on how to handle this matter.

“The issue is two neighbours are having a problem with the animals, one [pen] is very close to the house, like seven feet away from their property and the roosters are crowing all day and night,” he said. “It’s been a nuisance problem for the last four or five months.”

The town has received input from building inspectors along with their lawyer, and they want to take the proper steps in dealing with this situation because they don’t want to get into a court battle.

One of the problems Mulgrave has is they don’t have a by-law enforcement officer.

“From my understanding, there are a lot of small towns in our area that doesn’t have one either,” Hadley said. “There’s no teeth in the act, you can’t charge anybody.”

The town hopes a resolution can be reached soon, as officials will now relook into drafting new by-laws to address the noise and the animal control issues.

“I would like to have it resolved within the next two months,” Hadley said. “It’ll probably go to council again next meeting and then we’ll have a discussion on it.”