New councillor wants to clarify snow removal policies

PORT HOOD: A councillor from Inverness County is raising questions about what criteria is in place to make sure private roads receive proper plowing.

Newly-minted councillor John MacLennan said he’s been hearing concerns about snow removal from locals living on private roads. He said some phone calls are going into the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal where people aren’t getting clear information.

“They have criteria, and can we find out what they do need before the roads can be plowed by transportation?” he said.
CAO Joe O’Connor pointed out that if there are three or more houses on a lane, the province will consider it a private road and handle the plowing. However, the province will no longer list any new private roads.

“At one time, if there were five houses on the road, they’d list it as a provincial road and maintain it – sometimes built it – but they won’t do that anymore,” he said. “However, under our sub-division by-law, we’ll take over roads if they are built to a public road standard, but we won’t do it unless there are five houses on it.”

The municipality doesn’t have a great number of private roads to look after. O’Connor said that only Mountain View Road in Troy, the upper part of Clan Randal Road and part of Park Street in Inverness have snow removal handled by Inverness County.

No motion on the matter was needed, as MacLennan said he was just looking to have the rules made clear.