New member of the MacIsaac family

CREIGNISH: It was a surprise — a wonderful surprise — that saw a well-known family in Inverness County grow by one member.

“When you do your ancestry, you never know who’s going to pop up on there,” said Carmelita MacIsaac, whose husband Angus learned through he has a 51-year-old daughter living in British Columbia.

It wasn’t Angus who did the Ancestry test, but rather his brother. The brother learned that he had a relative in Canada’s most western province. She too had recently had her DNA tested through Ancestry. At first, they weren’t sure how they were related, but those puzzle pieces soon fell into place.

That B.C. resident, Lisa, was Angus’ daughter.

“She contacted Angus just before Christmas,” Carmelita said. “I wasn’t home at the time, but we FaceTimed with her over the holidays. It was wonderful. It was a joyful event.”

Also involved in that call was Lisa MacIsaac, Angus and Carmelita’s daughter. Lisa is, of course, half of the music duo Madison Violet. Also part of the family is famous fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, Angus and Carmelita’s son.

Carmelita noted that Lisa from British Columbia had done a fair bit of Googling after she learned who her birthfather was, and discovering the musical stars in her bloodline was a surprise. However, Carmelita said it did explain her love of Celtic music.

Both Madison Violet and Ashley have concerts planned for British Columbia this year, Carmelita said, and noted that Lisa is planning to attend them, meeting her siblings face-to-face.

Last month, Angus and Carmelita had a chance for a face-to-face meeting with Lisa and her husband. The British Columbia couple came to Cape Breton for a week.

“Angus was over the moon, excited and happy,” Carmelita said of the first meeting on January 20.

“We had his family and my family here, and they all met her – the MacIsaacs and MacNeils.

“It was a wonderful afternoon. They were all introduced, we took lots of photos, and we caught up on everything. Angus took them down to the homestead where he was brought up. We talked about her life and Angus’ life.”

Angus said he was very happy to meet Lisa. A second visit is planned for either June or July, and he’s looking forward to that time.

“It was a very nice experience. She was just a sweetheart, and her husband was a prince of a guy,” he said.

“We’re going to have her back again, and we’re really happy about that.”