November 20, 1907: Arthur Poirier, widower married Sarah Jeanne Goyetche, daughter of Jean Goyetche and Angélique Bourque, witnesses Jacques Goyetche and Emilie Goyetche

January 22, 1908: Pierre A. Richard, son of Pierre Richard and Célina Boucher married Victoire Richard, daughter of Aimé Richard and Henriette Martel, witnesses Joseph Richard and Narcisse Burrell

January 28, 1908: Willie Fougère, son of Laurent Fougère and Marcelline Marchand, married Martha J. Martel, daughter of Pierre Martel and Marcelline Fougère, witnesses Willie and Jeffry Martel

February 4, 1908: Frank Schwartz, son of Georges Schwartz and Rebecca Young, married Delphine Boudreau, daughter of Zéphir Boudreau and Louise Rançon, witnesses Jean Boudreau and Charles Béjin

February 11, 1908: Georges Richard, son of Pierre Richard and Celina Boucher, married Stella Martel, daughter of William Martel and Elizabeth Samson, witnesses Joseph Richard and Méline Briand

February 17, 1908 : Jean Landry, son of Jean Landry and Victoire LeBlanc, married Lina Jeanne Boudreau, daughter of Dominique Boudreau and Archange Boudreau, witnesses William LeBlanc and Minnie Boudreau

February 26, 1908: Benjamin Girroir, son of Benjamin Girroir and Elizabeth Upton, married Marie Boucher, widow of Agapit Gaudet, witnesses Charles Bégin and Nar. Burrell

June 22, 1908 : Frédéric Boudreau, son of Zéphirin Boudreau and Louise Rançon, married Adelphine Descostes, daughter of Sigefroi Descostes and Marie Boudreau, witnesses Jean Boudreau and Narcisse Burrell

August 24, 1908 : Jacques Marchand, son of Xavier Marchand and Martha McCarthy, married Marie Samson, daughter of Hyacinthe Samson and Marie B. Marchand, witness Bernard Boudreau

October 26, 1908: Jeffry Arthur Goyetche, widower of Sabine Boudreau, married Milie Anne Descostes, daughter of Jean Descostes and Marie LeBlanc, witnesses Wilfrid Briand and Marguerite Boudreau

November 24, 1908: James Phelan, son of Edouard Phelan and Honora Sweeny, married Elizabeth Dixon, daughter of Nicholas Dixon and Marie Forest, witnesses B.B. O’Connell and Charles Bégin

January 11, 1909: Walter Landry, son of William Landry and Judith LeBlanc, married Delvina Bois, daughter of Hilaire Bois and Louise Martel, witnesses Rod and Lina Martel

January 19, 1909: Théophile Boudreau, son of Thomas and Caroline Boudreau, married Marie Stone, daughter of John Stone and Adèle Boudreau, witnesses Francis Boudreau and Jean Pâté

January 25, 1909: Albert Landry, son of Lamand Landry and Marie Bois, married Marie Samson, daughter of Félix Samson and Lucie Boudreau, witnesses Honoré David and Minni Marchand

January 25 1909: Albert Samson, widower of Elizabeth Martel, married Louise Landry, daughter of Lamand Landry and Marie Bois, witnesses Léo Samson and Malvina Landry

February 1, 1909: Willie Samson, son of Hyacinthe Samson and Marie B. Marchand, married Clara Boudreau, daughter of William Boudreau and Delina Samson, witnesses Léo Samson and Anne Boudreau

February 1, 1909: Edgar Thibeau, son of Étienne Thibeau and Sabine Hébert, married Marie Duloup, daughter of Charles Duloup and Henriette Hébert, witnesses André Thibeau and Cécile Pertus

February 1, 1909 : Alfred Babin, son of Benjamin Babin and Sophie Goyetche, married Marie Marchand, daughter of Désiré Marchand and Marie J. Boudreau, witnesses Albert Babin and Marie Fougère

February 1, 1909 : Félix Fougère, son of Jeffry Fougère and Emilie Benoit, married Joséphine Marchand, daughter of Désiré Marchand and Marie J. Boudreau, witnesses Émile Fougère and Lillie Fougère

February 8, 1909: William Forgeron, widower of Catherine Marchand, married Catherine Bellefontaine, widow of Thomas Boudreau, witnesses Pierre Fougère and Alexina Burrel