POINT TUPPER: Safety is a way of life at Nova Scotia Power, for those working on power line, in an office, or at a generating station. Yet safety doesn’t happen of its own accord — it is the result of a lot of hard work, planning and care.

The team at the Point Tupper Generating Station knows that minimizing risk makes sense to get the job done right. Earlier this year, they reached one million hours without a lost time incident, amounting to almost a decade of excellent safety performance.

“It’s an incredible milestone and a real testament to the strong safety culture the team has built and maintained over the years,” said Jamie MacDonald, Nova Scotia Power’s senior director of power production. “Working in a power plant comes with a high level of risk but our employees make sure everybody always goes home safely.”

Point Tupper has been producing electricity for customers since the 1970’s. With a generating capacity of 154 MegaWatts (MW), the plant’s 63 employees work to safely generate reliable electricity every day.

Steve Kyle, plant manager at Point Tupper, attributes the million-hour milestone to the teamwork at the plant.

“We deal with hazards on a daily basis, but the team never sidesteps safety,” said Steve. “It helps to know that your coworkers have your back and that you are supported to speak up if you see something unsafe.

“Reaching one million hours demonstrates the great accomplishments that can happen when everyone works towards the same shared goal – that everybody goes home safely every day.”