Clair Rankin

On October 15 during the elections for councillors in the Municipality of Richmond and the school board members for the Strait regional school board, it was reported that Lian Sampson-Parsons had more votes that George Kehoe, her opponent. On election night, Sampson-Parsons had 1,080 and Kehoe had 1,061, a difference of 19 votes.
The results posted on election night are called preliminary. The official count took place on Tuesday, October 18 in the presence of myself as the Returning Officer and representatives from both school board candidates.
During the tally, a significant error was discovered when Poll#10 in D’Escousse, was re-added. Instead of Sampson-Parsons being credited with 136 votes on election night, she actually had 141. However, the major change was in the total for George Kehoe. His actual total was 136 votes, not the 47 he was originally given Saturday night. With the additional 99 votes added to his overall total, Mr. Kehoe was declared the winner with 1,150 votes to Ms. Sampson-Parsons’ 1,085.
I’m responsible for the confusion over the differing numbers. The text got reformatted on its way from one phone to another. It had nothing to do with the Deputy Returning Officer and Poll Clerk’s work in Poll #10. I also personally apologized to Sampson-Parsons.

Clair Rankin, Richmond County
Returning Officer, St. Peter’s