Richmond County Record

Richmond County contributed greatly to the domestic war effort during the Second World War.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s.

The following excerpts are taken from the Richmond County Record of May 6, 1944:

“Rev. G.F. Bickley of Granville Ferry, conducted Communion Service at St. John’s Church on Sunday assisted by the Rector W.J. Bridgman and delivered a very impressive sermon. At the afternoon service at St. George’s Church, Cape LaRonde, he assisted the Rector Rev. W.J. Bridgman and delivered the sermon. He will also take part in the evening service, in St. John’s Church, Arichat, on Sunday May 14.

“Mrs. Leo Boudreau (nee Blanche Samson) and her little daughter who spent a month at Grandique Ferry as guests of her father, Norman Samson, and is now visiting her husband’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Boudreau.

“The district of Arichat won the VI Victory Loan Pennant in over- subscribing its objective of $11,000. The pennant can be seen flying above the Victory Loan flag on the Municipal Building in recognition of the accomplishment. Much credit goes to M.S. Binet, canvasser and E.A. Cosman, bank manager, for their untiring efforts to gain this goal. Last but not least the citizens of Arichat who invested in Victory Bonds is symbolic of their patriotism to our fighting men in the armed forces who will know that the folks back home are doing their share to help ‘Speed the Victory.’

“Arthur J. Stone, who was employed with the Acadia Coach Company, Halifax arrived on Saturday to visit his sister, Mrs. Thos. Acton and also his father Charles P. Stone. Arthur is awaiting his call for Military Service. His many friends are pleased to see him and wish him every success.

“Gaston Deveau, medical student at Laval University, arrived home over the week-end to spend the holidays with his parents Dr. and Mrs. G.R. Deveau.

“Petit de Grat: The canneries are now operating and have started packing lobsters. Prices should be satisfactory and if the crustaceans are in abundance the hustlers will make it pay.

“Smackmen bring in a large amount from points along the coast and the Loggie-Cannery gets some from Mulgrave.

“Raymond F. Sampson Inspector of Fisheries, L’Ardoise was on official business to town on Saturday and proceeded to Petit de Grat to inspect the lobster Canneries.

“Warrant Officer Allan R. MacDonald of the R.C.A. spent a few days furlough with his wife and father-in-law, David C. Boudreau. He returned to his unit during the week. Allan’s friends were happy to see him. He has several brothers serving overseas. Allan joined up at the outbreak of war and has made steady progress in the service.

“Mrs. Joseph Marchand, Arichat, South Side, recently received word from her son, (Gunner) Leo Marchand, now in Italy, that he had received a Christmas parcel from the Arichat Branch of the Red Cross and wishes to extend his sincere thanks to the members.”