Paul Landry

STRAIT AREA: The regional executive director of education for the Strait Regional Centre for Education (SRCE) says he’s pleased to share a number of impressive student achievements, successes and celebrations.

Paul Landry congratulated the nine staff who were recognized for their outstanding commitment and leadership to active learning and student engagement during Education Week, which was held April 16 to 22.

“I would also like to highlight the many school-based activities focused on this year’s theme of Active Learning = Engagement that are helping children and students succeed,” Landry said.

Education Week provides an opportunity for school communities to share in celebrating the achievements of students and staff, and to acknowledge the contributions many people, in supporting roles, make to our public education system.

The SRCE congratulates the recipients who have been formally recognized for their outstanding leadership and commitment to supporting students’ well-being, achievement and success: Dan Arpin, Lynn Casey, Stacey Desmond, Kathy Gosbee, Renée Martell, Ashley Pelley, Starlene Pictou, Jim Ralph and Mike Stewart.

“Congratulations and thank you for your many contributions to supporting the needs of all learners,” Landry said. “By promoting active, hands-on, experiential learning and student engagement through a variety of classroom activities, including outdoor and land-based learning.”

The SRCE Science Fair was held as a hybrid event this year on April 4, at the NSCC Strait Area Campus with 20 students participating virtually and 31 students participating in-person.

“I would like to thank all the students who participated and their teachers for supporting their interest in science and the many volunteers including current and former staff and community members. I would also like to recognize and thank the businesses and post-secondary institutions who generously contribute to the event.”

Donell O’Connor and Nila Munro, the Grade 12 students from Dalbrae Academy won third place overall  with their project Waste Not, Want Not: Enhancing Nuclear Energy Output; taking home second place honours was Elise Munro, the Grade 9 Dalbrae Academy student who’s project H2Oh No: Mitigating the Effects of Hypoxia on Aquatic Fauna, which leads to the first overall, Best in Fair project coming on the research of Beth Tubman, a Grade 9; Dalbrae Academy student whose project – From Flower to Flavour: How Pollen Type Affects Honey.

The four grand prize winners will attend the Canada Wide Science Fair scheduled for May 14 to 19 in Edmonton.

Additionally, National Volunteer Week was held April 16 to 22 and the regional executive director thanked the volunteers who support students in many ways as part of activities held in and out of school that contribute to their well-being, achievement and success.

“I am always impressed by the many excellent student learning activities happening throughout the region that continue to foster student wellbeing and success,” Landry said. “Through the creation of positive, safe, inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments.”

He indicated the volunteers within the SRCE certainly make their schools better places for their children and youth to learn, play, achieve and succeed.

“Thank you to each and every one of you who give freely of your time and talents to serve on committees, help with extracurricular activities and support student well-being, learning and success,” Landry said. “Your dedication is sincerely appreciated.”

On April 4, the regional executive director personally congratulated 20 staff members during the Strait to Excellence Awards ceremony.

The Strait to Excellence Award recognizes employees for their dedication and contributions to students and schools in the Strait Area, and for supporting student well-being, achievement and success in their school communities as members of the public education system in Nova Scotia.

The recipients for 2023 are: Christina Aucoin Cavanaugh, Jyl Boyle, Joanie Broussard, Lisa Burt, Tanya Carter, Terri Connolly, Shannon Gillies, Lianna Gillis, Janice Gough, Heather Graham, Nadine Hudson, Deena Jewers, Kirk Johnstone, Ann Marie LeLièvre, Lisette MacDonald, Angela MacKeen, Michelle MacKinnon, Chantelle MacLellan, Justin Penny, and Sharlene Pictou.

Finally the regional executive director highlighted Treaty Education refers to the development and implementation of a greater understanding of the inherent aboriginal rights of the Mi’kmaq and the shared treaties as both historical and living agreements that articulate ongoing rights and responsibilities and have ongoing implications.

On April 17, 18 and 20, all Grades 3 and 4 teachers received Treaty Education professional development, including participation in the Blanket Exercise.

“The Blanket Exercise is an interactive educational program that teaches the history of colonization in Canada,” Landry said. “The program was created in response to the 1996 report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and is used as a teaching tool across Canada.”