Steven Googoo elected Deputy Chief in We’koqma’q

WE’KOQMA’Q FIRST NATION: A new position has been created on the We’koqma’q First Nation band council, deputy chief.

Chief Annie Bernard-Daisley, who was recently elected the first female chief of the community, created the role as a way to be more transparent and keep the lines of communication open when she’s unavailable.

“I have three daughters, and we never know what’s going to happen in the run of the day,” she told The Reporter. “When I became elected, I wanted to make sure there was constant communication flowing from chief and council, to our directors, to our staff, and especially more so importantly, to our community.”

Steven Googoo, the son of former, long-time chief Rod Googoo, was elected by his fellow councillors as the community’s inaugural deputy chief.

“It was definitely a huge honour, something I honestly wasn’t expecting,” Googoo said. “But [I] look forward on working with our newly elected chief and council.”

According to Chief Bernard-Daisley, Deputy Chief Googoo is a great human and an all-around excellent leader in the community.

At any given time when their chief cannot attend a council meeting, then Deputy Chief Googoo will chair the meeting.

“You always have to prepare and think that just because I’m the chief, I could be stuck in traffic; I could be at home sick with the flu, I am a mother first,” she said. “So you always have to make sure there is that constant communication.”