ANTIGONISH: StFX University announced on September 20, the decision to extend their mask-wearing policy, mandatory in all indoor spaces, including classrooms and labs until the end of the fall semester.

The decision has already garnered tremendous support on social media from students, faculty and staff at the university and community members alike.

“With the province’s recent decision to delay transition into Phase 5 of its reopening plan, coupled with the relatively high case counts being reported in the Atlantic region, and evidence of community spread within Nova Scotia’s Central Health Zone, we have decided to continue the mask-wearing policy for the safety and protection of our community,” StFX President Andy Hakin said in a letter to the campus community. “Wearing non-medical masks is considered part of our own personal preventive measures we should be taking to do our part in keeping everyone safe and healthy.”

Hakin suggested as always, the safety of their community is the school’s top priority.

“I’d like to remind everyone how important it is for the campus community to remain vigilant, regardless of what phase the province is in with respect to its reopening,” he said. “Please continue to practice the basics to keep yourself and the community safe.”

Hakin explained this means to continue to wear your mask whenever possible, to keep your social gatherings small and keep to the same social group, to stay local and limit travel as Antigonish is among the safest places to be, to continue to monitor their health daily and to make socially responsible decisions that will keep hospitals and other emergency services available for those who require legitimate health emergencies.

“Thank you for your continued commitment to keep our community safe.”