Dave Cluett and Raylene Spear followed skip Mark Spear’s rock down the ice, during the A Division final of the 2020 Industrial Bonspiel. The event at the Strait Area Community Curling Club in Port Hawkesbury had 15 teams participate.

Strait Area Community Curling Club final standings

Seaboard Tire Monday Night League


McNamara 22

Stevenson 17

Bullen 13

MacKinnon 12

Ross 9

Wagar 7

Jeffrey 5


Savage Services Tuesday Night League


MacRae 17

MacCuspic 15

McNamara 15

Cluett 14

Haley 10

Ross 8

Maltby 5


WMB Marine Services Wednesday Night League


Stevenson 25

Cluett 23

Kennedy 15

Smith 14

Wagar 13

MacPherson 12

Butts 11

Lewis 7

Photos by Mary Hankey
The team representing Fox Business Group had a tight final against Team Cluett in the Division A final during the Industrial Bonspiel. With Michael Steele in the house calling the line, Emmett MacIver and Gabriel Organ followed Simon Maltby’s rock down the sheet.
Meranda Fitzgerald, who was Bonspiel Chair for the 2020 Industrial Bonspiel, had her team cheering her on, during the Draw to the Button competition. All participants used the stick for their delivery during the competition, sponsored by MacLeod Lorway Insurance.
Iris Stanley and Jim MacRae from Team Hook, watched as Carmen DeGruchy from Drawing A Blank team, called the line during the Division B final of the 2020 Industrial Bonspiel.
Andrea Zovatto was calling the line for the team representing Gateway Hyundai, against the team from the East Coast Credit Union in the Division C final. Fifteen teams took part in the 2020 Industrial Bonspiel over the weekend.