Janet Jamieson, organizer of the first annual Cape Breton Highlander Ride, presents a cheque for $4,000 to L’Arche Cape Breton members (from the left): Josie MacEachern, Ian Pellerine, and Damien Chauveaux. This amount represents a third of the profits from the ride and will be used to support the Day Programs at L’arche Cape Breton.

BADDECK: There was a warm spirit of friendship and community in the room at The Inverary Inn as snowmobilers from across the province celebrated the first annual Cape Breton Highlander Ride with a closing banquet and a live auction. The ride, held on the weekend of March 6-7, was an opportunity for snowmobilers across the province to get together as a group for some fun and relaxation, and to support a local charitable organization.

In the spirit of building community, The Cape Breton Highlander Ride decided to share a portion of the profits with a local charitable organization. This year they partnered with L’Arche Cape Breton, a local organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities. Proceeds from the Ride will be split three ways, and beneficiaries will also include Ceilidh Trail Groomers Association and Crowdis Mountain Club. Both groups purchased much needed groomers and drags, which will make it easier to keep the trails in good condition.

The Cape Breton Highlander Ride began with the official opening of the new multi-use overpass above TCH 105 in Baddeck. The Province of Nova Scotia worked with ATV and snowmobile associations to find safe highway crossing solutions that will also benefit other trail users. The overpass connects to the existing trails network, helping to increase trail activity and provide safe access to the village of Baddeck.

The closing banquet on Saturday evening was an opportunity for over 100 snowmobilers to enjoy a delicious meal and to bid on some unique and valuable auction items. During the banquet, members of L’Arche Cape Breton gave a presentation about their organization. They talked about how they strive to create caring and compassionate communities where the gifts and contributions of people with intellectual disabilities are revealed, valued, and supported.

It was a fun event that brought people together to enjoy the beautiful Cape Breton trails while at the same time making an important impact in their local communities.