Pictured is the Jordanian refugee camp where some members of the Alissa family stayed after fleeing war-torn Syria.

INVERNESS COUNTY: Nearly five years ago, Inverness County welcomed its first Syrian refugees and since then several families call Inverness County home.

The Syrian Family Reunification Project committee has been working to help resettle Maysaa and Issa Alissa, and their children, who have been in a Lebanese refugee camp for eight years. They have endured many hardships since fleeing Syria and moving into a camp, including a fire, a flood, destruction of their shelters, and the arrest of the men and boys by the Lebanese army.

Their emigration to Canada has been approved by the Canadian government, however, they are still wading through the bureaucracy in the Lebanese government before they can exit. They are anxious to be reunited with Maysaa’s sister, Waad and Hassan Alaufry of Port Hawkesbury and her brother, Akram and Dalal Alawaad of Grand Etang.

Two weeks ago, the mother of Maysaa, Waad and Akram, who was living in a refugee camp in Jordan, died unexpectedly leaving their youngest brother, Meshal alone. The family want to bring Meshal to join them in Inverness County and applications have now been submitted for him to be included in this reunification.

Meshal Alissa

The Canadian government requires a minimum of $12,000 for this application. Fundraising for the Syrian Family Reunification Project has been ongoing, however there now is the added pressure this month to raise enough money to reunite the youngest with his family.

Donations are gratefully accepted and a Charitable Receipt for tax purposes can be issued if requested. Cheques can be mailed to: Syrian family Reunification Project, 3086 Highway 19, Craigmore, Nova Scotia, B9A 1A5. For more information, call 902-227-7528.

From the Syrian Family Reunification Project

The mother of Maysaa, Waad and Akram Alissa, who was living in a refugee camp in Jordan, died recently.