Nova Scotia’s teachers went on strike recently for the first time in history.

Students did not sit in class, but they learned one of the most valuable lessons of their lives – democracy in action. Many in my generation grew up thinking our labour rights were untouchable, that all those battles had been won. Today we see those rights are vulnerable, and that every generation must do its part to defend democracy.

When you stand up to this government’s unacceptable behaviour, you are teaching our kids more than reading, writing and arithmetic. You are teaching them the life skills they will need to be active participants in society, to protect our democracy for future generations.

Our future premiers and MLAs will learn that when governments bully, people stand up. Our future voters will learn that when basic rights are under threat, people must step up. All Nova Scotians will see that these struggles are not just pages in a history book, but an inseparable part of democracy itself.

So thank you, to you who have already taught us so much, for reminding us all what democracy looks like. We are behind you one hundred percent.

Moraig Macgillivray

NDP Candidate

for Antigonish