The reality of 40 setting in

Well, dear readers, I am now 40.

Wow. That is indeed a big number. I did not think it would hit me like this. It seems odd that such an arbitrary number is generally considered the year everything goes downhill. I mean, I am now closer to 60 than I am to 20 which is a bit of a kick in the teeth when I mull it over but I don’t feel I went as downhill as I perhaps could have, but yeesh, I am no spring chicken.

Anyway, on to brighter and hopefully less brain-hurting topics: I watched The Last Jedi again recently and I stand by my initial assessment. I think the movie is great fun. It reminded me of being 12 and watching Star Wars on VHS. I don’t care that people thought some scenes didn’t belong or that the Disney-fication was strong with this one (Boom nailed it. That joke took me 20 minutes and even though it is still pretty lame, it’s way better than what I was going for earlier. I think that kind of dedication makes me a hero.)

Again, I say the writers need to push the story forward and they can’t just keep the same characters for everything. I mean, some dudes I know were angry for (spoiler alert but if you haven’t seen the movie by now I have no sympathy for you) the movie killing off Luke. Well, while I am glad you love a character so much that you care about their well being, those stories have been told. Let’s hear something new about this universe. Will the resistance grow? Is there going to be a time jump? Will there be more Jedi? I am excited for Episode 9. I think it’s going to be special.

As for the Han Solo movie… I think that is the chance for Star Wars to do what Marvel did with Thor Ragnarok and make a truly funny movie set in the Star Wars universe. They could really do something weird and wonderful with this. I mean, it’s probably going to be an action movie with some comedy, which is all well and good… wait. Nevermind Thor. The Han Solo producers could follow in the footsteps of the Deadpool producers and make an R-rated gem about the galaxy’s favourite scoundrel. I would pay double to see that.

Of course I’d pay double for anything involving Donald Glover in a cape so I think Disney is going to make money regardless.

If there is anything I would like to see it is a bit more of the history of the Jedi order. I don’t read any of the cannon-related books and I’m not into the cartoon series so perhaps this is covered ground for some but… who doesn’t want to see how the Jedi came to be. I’d also love to see a young Yoda in a lightsaber battle and for that I would pay triple, no question.

Wow. I am 40 and writing about something I loved since I was four-years-old. Some might find that pathetic. I think it’s pretty cool. I enjoy being able to share what I like about what I like.

Hopefully you didn’t find this old codger’s ramblings too boring. Thank you for reading.

I’m done now.