PORT HAWKESBURY: During the summer months, the Town of Port Hawkesbury moved forward on a number of safety improvements around their community park.

“Council felt it was essential to move the crosswalk from its present location, which is not functional, to a location where children and parents actually walk,” Terry Doyle, the town’s CAO said during September’s regular council meeting. “We had to deal with a line of sight issue; vehicles approaching a crosswalk have to have a clear line of sight to the crosswalk to see that children are in the crosswalk and are clearly visible.”

To do that the town had to restrict parking by placing barriers on the parking lot at the old rink site, to move vehicles back from the road, and they also installed barriers on the other side so cars couldn’t park in front of the gate.

“We also reduced speed, there was two things done to reduce speed, one is that we changed the speed limit on that road from 60km/h to a 30km/h zone,” Doyle said. “The last thing we’ve done, NSCC donated speed bumps so we’ve taken those speed bumps and installed them at locations that we felt were appropriate to slow down traffic before they came to the location where we want to put the new crosswalk.”

One issue with the speed bumps that was raised by concerned citizens was the issue of vehicles swerving around the speed bumps, as it is possible to drive around them if there is no other vehicle coming – but Doyle explained it’s an issue that has been patrolled by the RCMP.

When the location of the crosswalk is determined, Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton said that will be the location for the town’s third rainbow crosswalk.