Pictured at the official opening of Trudie’s Nutrition & Esthetics in Port Hawkesbury on Nov. 12 are: Port Hawkesbury Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton (left), owner Truddie Muggah, and Strait Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Missy MacDonald.

PORT HAWKESBURY: A local business that reopened last spring hosted an official opening earlier this month.

The ribbon cutting for Trudie’s Nutrition & Esthetics took place on Nov. 12 in Port Hawkesbury, in the downstairs portion of the building which also houses the Port Hawkesbury Health and Wellness Centre.

Owner Trudie Muggah said she owned hair and esthetics salon for years, but had to leave the industry in 2006 after developing allergies and environmental illness.

“During my time away from the beauty industry, I studied nutrition and graduated with a diploma in natural nutrition,” she noted.

After doing nutrition consulting, her health improved, and Muggah said it was time to return.

“I’m excited to expand my business to offer the aesthetic services that I had in the past,” she said. “It’s a really happy time for me.”

Muggah opened the current business in January, 2020 but then had to deal with two shut down periods, and had to close for personal reasons. Since June, the shop has been up and running, she said.

“It was the craziest time to start a new business. With all the ups and downs and shutdowns, I’m just plugging through and I’ve been going steady since June with no interruptions,” she reported.

Situated at 803 Church Street in Port Hawkesbury, Muggah said this is a “perfect location.”

“It’s such a private salon. I’m tucked away in a clinic with a group of professional health practitioners that have the same idea as I have about the wellness of others,” she stated. “Some people just like to keep their services private. You just walk in there, you come down the stairs.”

In addition to the setting, Muggah said she staggers appointments to provide even more privacy.

“I do have men clients, and I feel that because my atmosphere in my salon is in such a private setting that men are comfortable coming to me,” she stated. “Very seldom you’ll ever see even someone waiting in the waiting area because I schedule my clients far enough apart.”

Trudie’s Nutrition & Esthetics offers manicures, waxing, pedicures, facials and skin treatments, and brow and lash tinting, Muggah said. She stressed that these are services for men and women.

“I take my pedicures a little bit to the next level and I focus more on the health of your feet,” Muggah explained. “I really focus on the foot massage, the wellbeing of your feet. I include a foot mask and an extra foot soak; so you get two foot soaks instead of one, and I do a hot towel treatment on your feet. My massage lasts a little bit longer because I’m focusing on the pressure points in your feet, and I just want you to leave there with your feet feeling the best that they’ve felt.”

Along with the pedicure, Muggah offers a nail polish, or for an extra cost, a shellac finish.

Muggah said her facials entail a cleansing, an exfoliating mask, another cleanse, and finally an examination. She uses Dermalogica, a treatment-based product that requires ongoing training to use.

“My facials last for an hour,” she explained. “I do a complete a skin analysis on your face and I don’t use the same products for everybody. I customize each facial for whatever I determine through our conversation about what your concerns are about your skin, and what I find.”

Because of her trials with environmental illness, Muggah said she cares about the health of her clients, is taking care of her own health, no longer does artificial nails, perms and colouring, and is particular about the products she uses.

“It’s very important to me to know my limits,” she said. “I schedule my clients based on how many pedicures I do in the run of the day, how much product I’m around.”