Trump still has a chance?

Do I care if Donald Trump had an affair? Nope.

My sex life isn’t any of his business. Do I care if the alleged affair was with a porn star? As a matter of fact, I care even less about the woman’s profession than I do about her personal life…and that’s saying something because I don’t care about her personal life at all. Do I care that he was cheating on his wife? Again, no. That’s between them. Do I care if he tried to cover it up? I think you know where I am going with this. The only thing I care about is the fact the man is still the US president. I just want him gone.

With that said, it was super nice of Trump to congratulate Putin on his election win, despite the fact Trump’s advisers tried to convince him not to do it. How defeated do you think his handlers are at this point? Are the Yankees going to have to start funneling funds into studying some sort of post-Trump stress disorder for those who worked with the guy over his term(s).

Why did I add that cheeky little “S” in there? Because, as I said in previous columns, there is a chance he will get back in. I’ve seen the rallies against Trump. I’ve seen the media expose and scrutinize every move Trump makes. I don’t think it will make an eighth of an inch of difference. I think the American presidential election is going to hinge on who the Democrats bring to bear against Trump in a few years.

In my opinion, they should go with someone in their mid to late 40s, which is like 21 in politician years. The person should be hip, intelligent, and look good in front of the camera. (Looks shouldn’t matter, you say. I say you have a point in that it shouldn’t matter, but sadly it does and if you want change you have to play by the rules.)

As for a strategy, attacks won’t work on Trump. That’s his arena. He is going to take everything you throw at him on the chin and then say something outrageous in return for which you aren’t prepared. Again, his handlers don’t know what he is going to say minute-to-minute. I’d love to think there is some sort of grand conspiracy here and that Trump is merely a puppet in a grand capitalist scheme and that there is some sense to be found… but I don’t think that’s true at all.

I think the American public got lazy when it came to picking their elected officials. I think the Democrats got lazy last time around and are going to have to put a bit more work in for the next election if they hope to have any chance of winning. I don’t think the title of American president will ever instill the respect and inspiration it did a couple of years ago. If Trump wins again… nah. It’s just best not to think about. That’s too grim, even for me.

I’m done now.