Unit renamed after substantial donation

Frank Sobey (third from the left), chair of the Sobey Foundation cuts the ribbon at the official unveiling of the Sobey Cardiorespiratory Services at St. Martha’s Regional Hopsital on July 4. The unit was renamed following a significant $1 million donation in September. (Photo by Drake Lowthers)

ANTIGONISH: The ribbon for the new cardiorespiratory services unit was cut during a small gathering of provincial and municipal political representatives, members of the hospital’s foundation and hospital staff last Thursday.

In recognition of a significant donation of $1 million back in September to the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation “The Time is Now” campaign, the cardio and respiratory services unit at the hospital was renamed “Sobey Cardiorespiratory Services.”

Frank Sobey, chair of the Sobey Foundation, highlighted the foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of individuals through health, education and communities.

“This investment will ensure that the foundation and the hospital have the capacity to continue to provide the essential support in the community where we live and work,” Sobey said. “Cardiorespiratory care is a fundamental centerpiece of health care delivery and I’d like to thank the team here at St. Martha’s for its commitment to quality health care and to wish them continued success in this field.”

The donation will improve the quality in acute and chronic care for heart and lung disease and will specifically support additional education, services and equipment needed to transform the way cardiorespiratory services are delivered in the region.

Dr. Leo Pereira, department head of cardiorespiratory services, said the Sobey’s donation means a lot to St. Martha’s.

“We have a family – the Sobey Foundation – donating $1 million for an endowment makes a huge difference for us going forward,” Pereira said. “The Sobey Cardiorespiratory Services will make an impact for this community – it allows us to do things that we want to do going forward.”

In addition to equipment purchases, the funding will also allow for research and will assist in supporting the needs of physicians who want to work here by purchasing equipment that allows them to do the job they were trained to do.

Randy Delorey, Antigonish MLA and Minister of Health and Wellness, indicated the Sobey Cardiorespiratory Services highlights the importance of the foundation and the donors who support the foundation.

“Because what it really does is support infrastructure and services and helps with our recruitment and retention,” Delorey said. “With this support what’s able to be done here on site at St. Martha’s we’re going to continue that tradition of great, quality care with the tools in the space to keep that service forward.”

The Sobey Foundation’s donation is part of a major fundraising drive, which started less than three-years-ago, with the goal of achieving an endowment of $20 million by 2026, to sustain and grow the services offered at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital.