Warden expects Antigonish County to be on budget

ANTIGONISH: Antigonish County remains on target with its budget for the current fiscal year.

With the fiscal year almost wrapped up, Antigonish Warden Owen McCarron said their capital projects for the year were completed on time and on budget, noting there doesn’t seem to be any exceptional expenditures. If everything continues to go according to plan, McCarron said the county will probably finish the year on or just below budget.

As for the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, McCarron said they will likely have it finalized in May.

“Usually by mid-to late May we try to have the budget approved and out,” said McCarron. “Our county has been very successful in the last 12 years in maintaining a consistent tax rate and it’s certainly the goal of council to do the same but it is early at this point to speculate on where that will be.”

The current residential tax rate for the county is 88 cents per $100 of assessment and the commercial tax rate at $1.46 per $100 of assessment. Last year marked the eleventh year in a row without an increase to the residential tax rate, while their commercial rate remained the lowest in the province.

When asked about the county’s budget for snow removal so far this year, McCarron said while road clearing costs are a little under budget so far this winter, there is still plenty of winter to go and Mother Nature can always throw a curveball or two.

“We’re certainly in good shape at this point,” he said. “Basing it on the last number of years, we’re pretty much on par for what we thought we’d be at this point in the year. We’ve had a pretty good winter for the most part. We’re pleased so far.”

For more on last year’s budget for Antigonish County, see: https://porthawkesburyreporter.com/antigonish-county-holds-the-line-on-residential-tax-rate/.