We’koqma’q goes to community vote on cannabis dispensaries

WE’KOQMA’Q FIRST NATION: A local First Nation community will either vote on allowing cannabis dispensaries in their community.

Annie Bernard-Daisley, the recently elected chief of We’koqma’q First Nation indicated they will go to a community vote on November 19.

“A yes – comes with stipulations, policies, guidelines and regulations that have to really be administered,” she told The Reporter. “We’re not going to let anybody come in and put a dispensary in any store, it has to be fully regulated where the safety of the community at large is the number one priority overall.”

For Chief Bernard-Daisley, she wants to give her community the right to vote and the right to speak their minds.

“It’s time that our community is given the right to vote on issues that impact our everyday lives,” she said. “A cannabis dispensary, how many, or how they are run impacts our everyday lives and they should have every opportunity to vote.”

It’s now up to the community on how they will move forward, something their chief indicated they’re not going to be moving forward quickly, rather at a pace that is comfortable for the community.

Chief Bernard-Daisley said if the community at large votes ‘yes’ for a dispensary, then they will come up with regulations.

“We want to make sure they are licensed, we want to make sure the product coming in to our community is safe,” she said. “We [also] want to make sure the product coming into our community is not involved with criminal activity.”