PORT HOOD: Inverness municipal staff will soon begin work on drawing up an agreement allowing three groups in the community of Inverness to pool their resources in order to create a community park.

“What we need to do in order to apply for funding is create a framework of ownership so funders can understand how the land works for the community,” councillor Jim Mustard said.

“We need a land trust or a legal agreement between Cabot, Mill Road, and the municipality, saying this land is being brought together.”

The municipality, Mill Road Social Enterprises, and Cabot Golf all own land on which the prospective park will be developed. A community group, in consultation with the community at large, drew up the designs for the park a-year-and-a-half ago. Last November, Cabot Golf agreed to be part of the development.

Mill Road Social Enterprises would apply for funding and maintain the park, Mustard said. He noted the park would include a playground, a picnic area, outdoor spaces for exercise, etc.

“This is very attractive to young families who strongly support the development, which is a testament to why it’s important,” Mustard said. “Seniors will have a place to come, young families will have a place to come, and it will be a welcoming place for tourists.”

Mustard and council members discussed the matter at a committee-of-the-whole meeting on January 16, and they voted to recommend to council to have staff begin work on the agreement. That recommendation will be brought up at council’s February regular meeting.

Part of the agreement will flesh out what happens if there comes a time when the park is no longer in use, and how the three land owners get their fair share of land back.