MULGRAVE: A bridge that has implemented weight restrictions for heavy transport trucks is scheduled to be replaced sometime this year.

Wyldes Bridge, located on Mulgrave’s Main Street, is an important thoroughfare for trucks to get to the wharf.

“It’s for heavy truck traffic,” mayor Ron Chisholm told The Reporter. “There’s guys pulling pulp up, and they can only pull 38-tonnes across that bridge.”

A temporary bailey bridge is slated for construction later this month.

“As of right now, I see a crane down there and some heavy equipment,” Chisholm said. “They’re getting ready to start – so, that’ll be great.”

Steve Warburton, a spokesperson with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal expects construction activity on the site will begin within the next few weeks.

“The temporary bridge is scheduled to be in place and open to traffic by late winter,” Warburton said. “The temporary bridge will stay in place until a new permanent bridge is constructed.”

He suggested a new permanent replacement bridge is on the province’s priority list to be constructed during the 2021-22 construction season.