ANTIGONISH: Town council offered funding for a local arts initiative last week.

The Arts House, an arts space located in the former Visitor Information Centre in Antigonish, is an initiative of the Antigonish Arts Fair. The Arts House started offering programming last summer.

Following a presentation on January 22, Antigonish Town Council voted to offer $3,000 for electricity costs and $500 for the purchase of thermostats.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said a lot of work goes into the Arts House.

“Everybody’s buying into it and it’s because of the volunteers,” she said. “I can see this building getting bigger and bigger.

“It’s a great addition to our community. Antigonish is known for a lot of sporting events. We’re also known for arts and culture. I can see the Arts House being a destination for people.”

Boucher said volunteers did a miraculous job with The Arts House, noting it was set up after the deadline for federal and provincial grants. This year, organizers are hoping those funding channels will come through.

Boucher credited all of the volunteers at The Arts House and the Antigonish Art Fair for their hard work and community involvement, adding she was happy to see something happen with the VIC.