Antigonish joins Eastern District Planning Commission

ANTIGONISH: The contract is signed.

During a regular monthly meeting last week, Antigonish Town Council signed on to the Eastern District Planning Commission. The town officially joined the commission on July 2.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said the move exemplifies the town’s want to cooperate with other municipal bodies.


“We’re working together with five other municipalities,” she said. “The amount of service that we’re going to get for our money is going to be extensive and we’re very excited to be able to be a part of the commission and work with the other municipalities.”

Joining the commission means the elimination of the fire inspector and director of planning positions. Boucher thanked the current planning director, Sean Day, for his work, noting he definitely left his footprint on the downtown.

“The commission is actually growing, they’re adding more staff, they’re in the process of hiring another building inspector, and then they’re in the process of putting in the advertising for another planner as well,” said Boucher.

The town signed on for a three-year commitment, with Boucher noting she didn’t feel one year was long enough to gauge the efficacy of being with the commission. She said if it isn’t a good fit for either party, either can bow out and go in another direction.

“I’m going on the premise that, most likely, it will work out well for both the town and the commission,” said Boucher.