PORT HAWKESBURY: Celtic Air Services Limited, a local airport services company, will begin operating the Port Hawkesbury Airport this Saturday (July 15) just in time for the summer’s peak season.

“We’re incredibly excited to get everything finalized in time to start operations in time to catch most of this season’s traffic,” says David Morgan, president of the company. “It will be great to get our business up and running. We’ve been working hard to achieve this milestone of completing the paperwork, and we’re excited for construction to begin.”

After initial construction is completed, Celtic Air Services will have their executive lounge available for incoming and outgoing traffic, and the fuel services will be upgraded, significantly increasing the storage capacity at the airport.

“We wanted to upgrade the level of services available at the airport for the business jet and general aviation traffic,” commented Damian MacInnis, managing partner for Celtic Air. “The additional fuel and ground handling equipment will allow us to service and park more than five times the number of aircraft that could previously be accommodated on our apron area. We’ll be able to power, cool, and heat the aircraft as required and ensure that passengers and aircrew have everything they’d expect at any other major airport from shuttle services to catering, ice, and newspapers.”

“It is important that we are able to provide the services being asked for at our facility, and this new model will help us achieve that without a large public investment,” Port Hawkesbury Deputy Mayor, Trevor Boudreau states, noting that Celtic Air Services has been privately funded, and will create sustainable year-round employment at the airport.

Celtic Air has hired new employees to fill numerous full-time and part-time positions and expect them to begin training this week.

The airport, having seen significant growth over the past five years, is poised for further growth explained Inverness Municipal Councillor John Dowling, representative for district 6 where the airport is located.

“I’m extremely excited about Celtic Air Services and their new venture at the Port Hawkesbury Airport,” Dowling said. “Their team has had my full support since we first met about the possible development and I believe this will encourage more aircraft to come to our airport. Private investment in our region and new jobs are great news, and I couldn’t be happier. This development is going to be great for the Strait area and the people of Inverness and Richmond counties”