Joe Janega of Janega Engineering appeared before Inverness Council to discuss a possible way to increase development in the area.

PORT HOOD: Inverness Municipal Council was paid a visit by a former Port Hawkesbury Town Councillor who, as a business man running Janega Engineering, has some concerns regarding land development regulations in the municipality.

Janega pointed out that over the years, he’s run into stipulations relating to how land can be developed in the vicinity of a railway line. In years past, Inverness County had a rail service to help local coal mines transport their product. These days, the lines are long shutdown.

The rail line, for the most part, followed the shoreline throughout the county. In recent years, that rail line has evolved into the Ceilidh Shores Coastal Trail. In many places along Route 19, the trail can be seen running parallel with the road.


“Trying to get access from the road, across the old track to the land side, isn’t easy,” Janega said. “The rules seem to be implying that there’s a railway there. It’s not a railway, it’s a trail.

“All I’m asking for is a reason why developments can’t occur on the opposite side of this trail if a licence can be granted and if you meet all the rules and regulations of soil conditions, access, and all other municipal by-laws.

“You had a meeting not that long ago saying you want to entice more growth in the area, and here’s the solution. The tax revenue you would generate: just think of 150 new homes averaging $300,000 – do the math.”

Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie said that she and council would be happy to look into what can be done. In specific, she said council would be contacting the Eastern District Planning Commission about the matter.

“Every once in a while, we have to be reminded of what needs to be done to encourage development, and we will take it under advisement,” she added.