It should be a slam dunk for the decision makers in our province to address this issue.

Here are some of the issues outlined by our most knowledgeable people, according to a provincial newspaper. March 22, 2019 in an article entitled “Ports Future,” cites different options, including removing the operations to Dartmouth. This would cost $1.4 billion, plus land purchases, plus rail costs, etc., with operations set to begin before 2030.

April 6, 2019: Gail Lethbridge’s column with the headline “Let’s get those trucks out of the downtown,” she says as follows: “The most sensible solution would be to move to Dartmouth, but that would cost over a billion dollars. The widening of the rail cut for trucks would involve blasting of rock which would be disruptive and potentially damaging to homes in the area.”

April 20, 2019: A column by Roger Tayler discusses the potential purchase of Halterm by PSA International. Mr. Taylor understands the issues raised in these former articles and states as follows: “CN, a carrier, or perhaps PSA International may want to take a look at the Melford Terminal, it is a green-field site with deep water, which has the potential to provide fast and efficient movement of containers that existing terminals may not be able to achieve.”

There you have it. We need to get moving now. The province and the east coast need this. Thousands of jobs would be created.

Jim Marchand