PORT HOOD: Inverness County is making a priority of getting water to two housing units in the Port Hastings area.

Councillor Dwayne MacDonald brought to council’s attention the situation of D&R Fox Developments Ltd., a Port Hastings-based company that’s anxious to get water into its newly constructed units.

“They have two units up and are planning to have two more ready before the winter, but the big concern is that they have a very tight window of opportunity,” MacDonald said at the October 3 meeting.

“Basically, if they don’t have them rented by the first of December, they’re going to have some serious issues.”

MacDonald said getting the water line extended to the units will be a challenge.

“It won’t be an easy job because it’s going to have to go under the four-lane highway by Charles MacLean Road,” he said. “But any delay is going to hold them up, cost the municipality tax revenue, and cost us housing for seniors.

“I would ask that public works makes it a priority to have water into those units by the first day of December.”

The motion passed unanimously.