ARICHAT: A local music program is welcoming back guests from the last year for a special evening of tunes.

The organizers behind Telile’s East Coast Spotlight, a live monthly program dedicated to local musicians, are celebrating the show’s anniversary on March 15 with an episode featuring a number of past guests.

Cora LeBlanc, business manager with Telile, said the show began in January of 2016. She explained the premise for the show involves a featured artist, who performs and answers questions during an interview, along with special guests, who tend to be lesser known or younger artists.

“It’s a little more than a variety show,” she said.

“It’s introducing the people of the island and where they’re from, where they grew up and how they grew up.”

Past guests include Cyril MacPhee and Robert Bouchard. These artists, as well as Becky Bourinot, Fredrick Hyland, and Evelyn MacRae are all set to return for the anniversary special.

“We’ve picked up a lot of viewership with the show,” said LeBlanc, noting the show also airs locally on EastLink and Seaside and on Bell Satellite across Canada.

“People really look forward to it,” LeBlanc noted. “We get a lot of comments from people all over the place.”

Michael Jarman, the producer and sound tech for the show, said he is pleased to be able to recognize the show’s longevity. He said one of the original concerns was being able to find enough musicians but producers have enough lined up for at least another year.

“We were told by so many people that it wouldn’t work being a live format like it is,” he said.

“To have it last a year and be more and more successful is just great. Hopefully, as long as there is interest, we’ll keep it going.”

The anniversary program airs on Telile at 7:30 p.m. on March 15.