Eddie Cummings coming to Shannon Studio

MABOU: A concert next month at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre will feature a night of intimate acoustic performances by a popular local musician.

Singer-songwriter Eddie Cummings of Mabou will appear at Shannon Studio on April 20, accompanied by Jim Ralph on piano and vocals.

“It’s basically going to be an evening of all original music. In 2011, I released a full-band album called Perfect Ten and there will be tracks from that,” said Cummings. “But this is going to be a two-man show and the songs from the album will be very stripped down.”

Cummings will also perform brand new original material. The concert is one of three performances that he plans to record and compile as a live solo album for release this summer.

Cummings has been performing with fellow musicians Stephen Gillis, Vern MacDougall, and Neil Campbell for many years as The Eddie Cummings Band, but he feels at home as a solo artist as well. He says the paired-down concerts are an opportunity to showcase his original songs and share the stories behind them.

“That’s how I write the songs, just with the guitar. This will give people an idea of how they sound at first,” said Cummings. “I think people will enjoy that and hopefully it will show more of the songwriting side of things.”

Cummings was born and raised in Mabou Harbour and heard a lot of music over the years in informal settings. When he first picked up the guitar, he had no plans to pursue music professionally.

“I remember going to kitchen parties and seeing people playing and I always thought I’d like to do that,” said Cummings. “I didn’t necessarily want to sing. I thought if I could play guitar, I could play for someone else who sings, but it ended up being more than just a hobby.”

Cummings gradually began writing original songs and performing publicly. He formed his band in 2006 and keeps busy performing throughout Inverness and Richmond counties. He describes his music as a mixture of genres and says audiences can expect to hear a variety of influences at his show next month.

“I listen to and like all different kinds of music, so people can expect to hear anything from a country-type song to a folk-type song. There will be ballads and then there will be some heavier songs with more of a rock feel to them,” said Cummings.

“I try to keep it as varied as I can because it appeals to more people that way. But it’s all my own stuff. It’s all original songs.”

Tickets are available by calling the Civic Centre Box office at 902-625-2591 or by visiting phcivic.com.