LOUISDALE: And that makes five regional banners in a row for the Richmond Academy Hurricane Boys Division II slo-pitch team.

“We were undefeated this season,” said coach Robert MacDonald. “We haven’t been beaten yet, and usually we have a loss or two to keep us humble, but this year we got down to business early and knew what we had to do.”

The boys took the Highland Region banner last Thursday on their home field, facing the Dalbrae Dragons.

“We went through districts last week,” MacDonald explained. “We have the north and south division, and we were 3-0 in the district. SAERC was right behind us at 2-1.

“On the other side, Dalbrae was first and Inverness second.”

That set the stage for Richmond to take on Inverness in the crossovers, and SAERC to battle Dalbrae. In the end, the showdown was between the Hurricane and the Dragons.

The Hurricane won both the crossover and championship by the 10-run rule.

“Our defense and hitting kind of took over,” MacDonald said. “It’s like with the hockey team this year. We had depth all the way through.”

Sadly, one Hurricane still sidelined is Spencer McNamara, a key part of the team. He was involved in a car accident last October. McNamara is said to be recovering nicely and, MacDonald said, having the young man back at Richmond Academy is something everyone is looking forward to.

“We wore the green ribbons to let Spencer know we’re still thinking of him,” the coach said. “We’re in a different spot now than at the beginning of hockey season. We know he’s okay, he’s rehabbing his way back, and we’re waiting to get him back in school next year.

“We still use him as motivation, but we had a good solid team too.”

This weekend, the Hurricane will attend the Division II provincials – a spot where they’ve done very nicely these last four years. The Hurricane has two silvers and finished in the final four last year, missing out on the championship game by one run.

“We know how serious we have to be,” the coach said. “We know we have to take walks, get the ball in so that guys don’t get extra bags, all the stuff like that.

“It’s great to see the guys passing that along to the Grade 9s and 10s.”